How would we know what our customers wanted if we were not to talk with them? That's why you'll find Reggentin – “Der Pommeraner” Loitz GmbH products not just in many self-service facilities, but you can also pay us a visit.


One of our branches is of course in Loitz, where we come from. Reggentin - “Der Pommeraner“ Loitz GmbH enjoys great popularity also in Demmin and in the Bethanien Center in Neubrandenburg - here with the Bistro Reggentin.
Enjoy our warm lunch dishes.

We also have mobile sales stands for Reggentin customers throughout the area. This way, everyone can enjoy the experience of our products at first hand.


Make your choice from among our unique specialities.



Filiale Netto, Loitz
Filiale Demmin

Bethaniencenter, Neubrandenburg (Meat/Sausages/Snacks)
Bethaniencenter, Neubrandenburg (Bistro)

Anklam Wednesday
Demmin Wednesday
Altentreptow Thursday
Greifswald Tuesday, Friday
Stralsund Tuesday, Friday
Neubrandenburg Tuesday, Thursday
Rostock Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Mobile sales stands